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No one get’s lynched for exfoliating is the greatest come back I’ve ever witnessed.




Wait a minute…

I have been laughing at this for hours now…

So, true story. The woman in this photo is Kendra Kaplan. Her husband was in Iraq for twelve months but the military has this thing called leave. Some of us may recognize the concept from old episodes of Star Trek. In this photo she is five months pregnant after conceiving her second child during her husband’s leave. That envelope in her hand is the ultrasound results. She waited for him to come home to find out if it was a girl or a boy.
There’s been several articles about it.The photo resulted in this woman receiving so much hate mail, from both internet cut-ups and the actual media, that she even took a paternity test and provided proof of her husband’s leave schedule. Her real life friends have stopped talking to her over these rumors.  
Oh, and by the way, that baby bump is a two year old by now. People are still shitting on this woman over a nasty internet meme two years later.
So in short, you’re mocking a faithful wife for something that isn’t any of our damn business anyway and has long since been disproven. 
Good job Internet.

most ppl on my dash since the APMAs started
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She just stared for the longest time.

OMG…I love this. This is important.

v important! representation matters more than words can express
but this picture about sums it up :)


mark hoppus’ fatherly relationship with every big name pop punk band makes me smile

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all time low is so important. they’ve been in a band since high school. they started out as just teenage boys wanting to play live music. they went from touring in a little van, selling $5 EP’s out of boxes to selling out shows all over the world. tonight they performed with bands that they grew…

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people say they dont like suzanne anymore because she was literally being manipulated into bad behavior by all of her weaknesses, one being her desperate need for love and respect that no one in the litch gives her

but morello is revealed to be a stalker and a harasser on top of being a racist and people are like PROTECT LORNA!!

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i have a friend whos gay and one day we asked him what was like to have “the conversation” with his parents, like telling them he was gay and he just said he never told them, and then he said “my brother who’s straight never went to my parents to told them ‘hey i’m straight’ so why should i have to do it?” and he arrived home with his boyfriend and no one made a big deal out of it and i think that’s the way it should be everywhere

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Castle, season 7 to focus on Rick, Tighten the Caskett bond. (x)

I love this part ‘So whatever [has happened] is not going to tear them apart. If anything, it will make them stronger.’

I continue to like the things I’m reading/hearing, but the proof of the pudding is always in the eating. Let’s see.
One of the trickiest things about exploring Castle’s backstory will be explaining why it’s only coming up now (and why there are major elements of it that Beckett doesn’t know, if indeed she doesn’t).

you have no idea how excited I am about this (though actually I’m sure you do) because we have been asking to dive into the character of Castle forever!!!!! :D
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The Art Deco Octopus is rare even in the seas to which it’s endemic. Hunted to the brink of extinction for its use as a door knocker, the Art Deco Octopus has a distinctive anatomy and is known for its constant symmetry, where unlike most octopeese, it maintains the same position with both its right and left tentacle sets.
The specimen seen here is in fact deceased, as the Art Deco Octopus is unable to live for more than a few seconds out of water. Seen washed ashore with various debris, the plight of this fragile creature is clearly visible. Now that hunting is illegal, pollution threatens its only homeland, the shore of Honah Lee near Madagascar.
This is not the only threatened species in the region, the Leean Dragon is also nearly extinct, a drop in population that scientists blame either on the lack of their dietary sealing wax caused by the move to e-mail, or on children simply no longer believing in them.